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Estate of the Art
Agar Nook
Agar Nook is an estate in at the Charnwood Forest edge of Coalville. Young people on the estate will soon have their own webspace through this project. If anyone has ideas they would like to develop for this space contact Mantle Arts on 01530 830811.
Warwick Way
The Warwick Way Estate is to be found on the northern edge of Loughborough. a relatively small estate of council and housing association housing surrounded by private properties. Young people on the estate have worked with detached youth workers for some years and have done some great things on and off the estate.
Old Ashby Road
The Ashby Road Estate is in Loughborough opposite the University off the Ashby Road. In the middle of the estate is The Hut. We've got shops and lots of schools nearby. It's quite a good place to live but a bit of a way from town and there's some folks who mess it up for others. Lots of people want to improve things.. so they probably will.
Shelthorpe is a large estate on the south western side of Loughborough. A
new road now splits the estate in two. The estate has got a bad reputation -
sometimes that's right and sometimes it's not. There's not much to do, most
people go into town or to Mountfields Youth Club.
Greenhill is an estate in Coalville just on the edge of Charnwood Forest. We've got a youth club and some great people to work with us. Come in and see some of the projects people have been doing with us.
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