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Ernest Edmonds & Sean Clark - Cities Tango 2 / 2015

In 2012 Sean Clark and Ernest Edmonds worked together on a connected artwork called ColourNet. The piece combined two digital artworks - one by each artist - in such a way that they interacted with each other as well as their human viewers. The piece was exhibited in Sheffield in 2012 and then in Paris and Sydney in 2013. In 2015 Ernest Edmonds and Sean Clark used this technology as the basis for Cities Tango 2 - a re-visioning of Ernest Edmond's 2009 artwork Cities Tango. The artwork has been shown in various locations - first Leicester and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and then in multiple sites in Beijing, China. It uses webcams to exchange images between locations and viewers are able to use their mobile phones to trigger colour changes in the distributed computer images.


Cities Tango 2 uses a mixture of web-based HTML 5 technologies and Cycling 74's Max software.